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Welcome Home to SpiritedSouls ~ A friendly family forum outlet for all walking a spiritual path. Mystics are welcomed to join us too. Membership is free for all as is our forums and chat.
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Welcome Home to SpiritedSouls ~ A friendly family forum outlet for all walking a spiritual path. Mystics are welcomed to join us too. Membership is free for all as is our forums and chat.
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 Chakras or Energy Wheels

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PostSubject: Chakras or Energy Wheels   Chakras or Energy Wheels EmptyWed Mar 22, 2023 1:51 pm

 The word chakra means disc or wheel in the Sanskrist language. It refers to the centers in your body that do contain guiding energy. These energy wheels are spinning to resonant with your auric body fields and meridians. To function at their best and your best, your best bet for your chakras is to keep them balanced, open and in sync with each other. 

The chakra can symbolize the healthy or unhealthy nature of our own well being. There are 7 main centers that cover all areas in our body. Our higher self's consciousness has 7 more chakras, which are associated with the 7 lower ones. Your well being and awareness may feel entirely different, if the energy centers are deemed closed or have blockages within.

The Root Chakra ~ Muladhara 

This disc is found at the base of your spine. It is the main center for all survival skills, foundation for life and your instincts, it is the source of helping you feel more grounded and stable, centered in this reality now.  The root is associated with comfort blankets and security, as well as balanced footing in all nature of the path ahead.

The Sacral Chakra ~ Svadhisthana

This is where your present self dwells. This center supports personal development and progress, support on all levels emotionally, it represents fluidity and flexibility. It brings about the power of enjoyment and joy into your life. This is the chakra to work with the emotional embodiment of relationships.
This is the next chakra up from your root chakra. 

The Solar Plexus - Manipura

Have you ever had days where you feel like you are on top of the world? 
Where you feel happy, and the days where you feel its a good day, like there's a ball of fire driving you to complete the day and get to tomorrow?  Like there's a new spring in your step and you are facing a new chapter? This indicates that the solar plexus chakra is active.

When the solar plexus chakra is not active...

Have you ever felt like there's something out there you can't stomach, like the world is on your shoulders and you are worrying or feeling like the world is up against you? 

Or so downtrodden and depressed that you feel like you cannot continue ? yet deep down inside you know this is not the right way of moving forwards however you know that you have to move forwards and are unable to shake the initial feeling of depression away?

When you feel lethargic and out of energy so much that motivation has gone completely out of the window?

The solar plexus chakra indicates that this is ignition Energy and vitality of life. So , when you feel the blues, this is the chakra you ought to be looking at to cleanse and balance. It also is the key to unlocking your strong sense of self.

The Throat Chakra - also known as the Vishudda, often referred to as the Communication chakra.

This chakra holds the ability to seek truth and your own personal truth. It is the teacher of self-expression, the bearer of wisdom, knowledge and truth. 

What happens when the throat chakra is inactive? Or closed?

When the throat centre is not aligned, you might have issues with creativity, and communication.
It may lead to imbalance of a sore throat and you might have difficulties in understanding as well as listening or hearing communication at any given time.

It may lead you to thinking about the what ifs, the procrastination, the do's and the don'ts to the way of life.
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Chakras or Energy Wheels
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